Quick Launch Shortcut

What is Quick Launch Shortcut?

Quick launch your applications using its name.(eg: Type "word" to call Windows Word and so on...)

Backup and save all keystrokes automatically. Nerver worry about power off suddently.Nerver worry about losing what you input.

Just type shortcut keystroke(eg: type letr) to input rapid texts such as:

Dear Sir:

....... ..... .....


What's the features?

1.Tired of using "ShortCut" such as "Alt+Ctrl+T"(who knows what's the means?) Now it provide a easy-use way to launch all of your applications just by its name.You can just type "excel" to call Microsoft Excel, type "notes" to launch Lotus Notes and so on.Of course ,the name is definitely determined by yourself.

2.Support multi-files, so you can just use "report" to quickly open all of your monthly reports.Also support quick launch folder.

3.Support Hotkey, you can use F1 - F12 to do special things. If you have MultiMedia Keys or other special keys on your keyboard, you can define them as you wish.

4.Automatically backup and save all the keystrokes. Nerver worry about power off suddently.Nerver worry about losing what you input.

5..Parents could check the free chat records of childern in the internet by the programme.

6..You can set timer to capture screen as self-needed(eg. To know what has the PC been used for).

7..Auto-run the programme as soon as PC startup, but all invisible.

8..Specify the log file location.

9.Password-protected controller.

10.It even can steal the password due to its peculiarity-----Automatic Recording. So kindly remind you to use it legally and carefully.

11.With "Time Record" and the default filename,you can easily find when and what you input.



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