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Auto Macro Recorder all versions $29.95
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What's the benefit if I purchase this software? can limitlessly use this program after your registration.

2. It is not necessary for you to pay additional fee if the programme upgrade. You are still free to use the present registration code for the upgraded one in the further. So, do not hesitate to register it as earlier as possible.

3. It will bring you great enjoy and help! And any useful suggestions or technology supports from you are highly welcome, the author will present more perfect programme which are convenient for you to use.

"Autorecoder" Features Overview ------What you can get from it?

1. An ideal programme for you to deal with the boring working such as repeatedly key in or type by mouse click.

2. Permit the users to edit or modify the script file as his own request.

3. Automatically to run your windows tasks at any time you want.

4. Find out the password, account number and process from the script file if someone operates something in your computer.

5. Write intersting letter to your honey who can see the process you wrote if she open the letter.

6. Record it!Let the computer do anything you've done.

How to register it?

Thank you for your support. The registration fee of AutoRecorder is US $29.95 To register it,you should purchase it.

If you would like to purchase a license for AutoRecorder,you can take a secure online order:

The registration fee of Keystroke Shortcut Recorder is US $13,here is the online order:

(You'll need a credit card,the EMETRIX company provide the service of purchasing through internet)

Fill the quantity of AutoRecorder you want to purchase in "Qty" field,Select "Next",fill in your name ,email address...follow the instrution to order AutoRecorder.

After that,we'll receive a letter from EMetrix and they will tell us that you've purchased our software and tell us your email address. We'll mail to you within 24 hours,tell you the registration code. Then,you can limitlessly use the software.And you don't need to pay additional fee if the programme upgrade.

All versions of these software use the same registration code!


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