Auto Task Scheduler for Mac App Store

If you purchased Auto Scheduled Tasks ( Auto Task Scheduler ) from Mac App Store, it won't support Apple Script, Automator workflow and more useful features because for securty reason Mac App Store said they won't accept application which could visit other Apps or run system commands.
If you need these, you could upgrade it to support these features here by Free . See Q&A to know how. Click "Get Upgrade File" to get it now.

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Why Auto Task Scheduler for Mac App Store version don't support AppleScript, Automator workflow, sleep/shutdown/restart/wakeup feature? Why not a full version?

  • For security reason, Mac App Store won't accept the developer submit a application which could visit other running apps - even to execute a system command like shutdown/restart, or run an apple script or workflow. So we only could submit a simple one.

How to upgrade Auto Task Scheduler for Free?

  • Only user who purchased Auto Task Scheduler ( Auto Scheduled Tasks ) from Mac App Store could upgrade it for free to run AppleScript and support all features. Other user please visit here to get normal version.
  • To verify whether you are a valid user or not, you need to write a review on Mac App Store then email to us with review content (within 48 hours after you wrote the review, please only use English.) . We'll email the code to you after we confirm that ASAP.


What is Auto Task Scheduler?

  • Auto Task Scheduler is a mac task scheduler which let you make appointment and run a script, program, file, document at your desired time. It's simple to use and it's a helpful app for task management.
What's the support version? Does it support Windows?
  1. Need Mac OS 10.6 above
  2. Don't support windows