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Auto Macro Recorder v4.5        

Auto Macro Recorder is an useful macro program for you to record mouse macro and keyboard macro to editable script file,then repeat it as you wish.If you want to get an easy-to-use macro record tool,try it!! ..... Free Download / Buy Now
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How to use Auto Macro Recorder in Excel?

Customer: Thanks, what I mean is how do you make the macro (that has been recorded via your program) part of my Excel spreadsheet. Right now I have an Excel spreadsheet that calls (externally) one of the macros I made using the Auto Macro Recorder software. The problem is that the way this is done is by a hyperlink. If I move the files for whaterver reason, the path will break and I would have to manually go and reconnect the path for each and every one that I created (which is alot).

Our answer: Auto Macro Recorder's script can NOT be part of the code in VB, maybe you can call the scp file by using VB. You said you use hyperlink to call the scp file, so I suggest you put the excel files and scp files in same folder, when you insert hyperlink, you don't need to input the full path, just input the scp file name. Eg: There is a folder named c:\myfiles You put mydoc.xls and script.scp file in c:\myfiles When you want to insert hyperlink, in Excel , just click "Insert" -- "Hyperlink" , then don't browse for file, just input the filename script.scp Excel will find the script.scp file in same folder automatically. So even you move the mydoc.xls and scrpt.scp file to other computer or other folder, if they are in same folder, it's still OK.

How to use Auto Macro Recorder to judge if webpage has been loaded?

Customer: I was wondering if there was any script that would allow for the delay to be until a webpage loads/refreshes. I need it to be for when the page actually comes up, not for when internet explorer opens. Could you let me know if this is doable with your program?

Our answer: The simple solution is: Wait long time enough to ensure that the webpage loads eg: If normally need 10 seconds to load the page, when recording you can wait 60 seconds.>Then when you replay the script, it'll wait 60 seconds and it's enough.

The second solution is "use WAITFORCOLOR command", you need to edit the >script manually.

See: >//0*0*0 is the waiting color: RGB(0,0,0)

WAITFORCOLOR(0*0*0,100000,run(notepad),open(c:\read.txt)) ---- Your mouse point to a pixel,if this color = the waiting color within 100 seconds,then run(notepad) else open c:\read.txt.

To use this, you should move your mouse to point to a special color on the webpage, use a special script to save the color into text file using these command: SaveColor(VARSTR) ----Your mouse point to a pixel,save it's color to a special VARSTR (AutoRecorder's system use VARSTR ) WriteLine(c:\abcd.txt,VARSTR) --- Write a log into c:\abcd.txt ,you can input your own strings or use VARSTR Or use other tools(eg: DreamWeaver) to get the RGB color value. Then edit the part of replay script manually to judge if your mouse point to a correct color(that means the webpage has been loaded), then continue to replay.

There is a example -- wait4blackcolor.scp in installation folder of Auto Macro Recorder. You can run it to see the result. Run that script, after 1 second, if you point to a black color, it'll launch notpad, if you don't point to a black color within 5 seconds, it'll launch Explorer


You can change it to WAITFORCOLOR(0*0*0,50000,doscp(script1.scp),doscp(script2.scp)) to run other script files. (If point to black color, run script1.scp,otherwise run script2.scp) or WAITFORCOLOR(0*0*0,50000,delay(100),exit()) (If point to black color, run delay 0.1 second and continue to run the script,otherwise exit AutoMacroRecorder)


How to Power off / Shut down my computer using Auto Macro Recorder?

Customer:I'm using FTP software or BT software to download files, I always want Auto Macro Recorder shutdown my computer after 3 or 5 hours automatically.

Our answer: In Option, Set Repeat Timer = 14400 seconds ( 4 hours) Make a shutdown.scp file, content is: poweroff(2) (Also you can Record your shutdown windows' operation as shutdown.scp) Run shutdown.scp, Auto Macro Recorder will shutdown my computer after 4 hours.


How to shut down my computer after I quit my TV card's application -- WinDVR?

Customer: I sleep on my bed and use TV card to watch TV by using WinDVR, when I quit WinDVR using remote controler of TV card, it's so tired to getup to poweroff my computer manually.

Our answer: Run WinDVR to watch TV first. Run Auto Macro Recorder, press F10 to record, set focus to WinDVR, press F10 again to save current active window's title. Use notepad to open the scp file, find that WinDVR's title is "InterVideo WinDVR". In option,Set Repeat Timer = 30 seconds, set repeat times = 999999 Make a tv.scp file, content is: IF_WINDOW_EXIST("InterVideo WinDVR",delay(100),open(shutdown.scp)) Everytime after I start WinDVR, I'll run tv.scp. Now Auto Macro Recorder check if WinDVR's windows is exist,if can't find it, Auto Macro Recorder will shutdown my computer automatically.

How do I determine the caption and class name for a window?

After you press F10 to record, when you press F10 again, Auto Macro Recorder will save the active window's caption and class name automatically into the script file. You can use notepad to open the script file, search "movewindow" to find out the caption and class name.

How to Lock PC and log in automatically using Auto Macro Recorder?

Customer: Sometimes I'll leave computer for a while, I want Auto Macro Recorder lock pc after it complete its job and log in to continue to do jobs after a timer.

Our answer: "Start" -- "Programs" -- "AutoMacroRecorder" -- "Lock PC" , you can use this tool to lock pc. We don't suggest you save your system account information in our script file, it's not safe. So you can lock pc using our tool and don't need to record your computer account information.

  May 2, 2005
v4.5 Add Left Hand User Mode / Add Continue to record mode
  Mar 2, 2005
v4.41 Optmize DoScp command Fix bugs Add more examples / Add Lock PC module
  May 28, 2004
v4.2 Add AskForInput command Reduce the cpu usage rate Support more languages
  Feb 1, 2004
v4.0 Support Multi languages - Dutch , German , Japanese Use "Change Language" to change the language. Support "Build Stand-alone" Fix bugs Add random command to avoid some softwares check if you are using macro software (see random.scp file)

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